Tony Newman Roofing answers your Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is it time for a new roof?

A: If your roof was installed properly then you can expect it to last 15-25 years.  Contact Tony Newman Roofing for a free estimate and superior service at (330) 745-5076. Learn more about specific signs that you need a new roof.

Q: How much will my new roof cost?

A: This depends on several variables, including:

  • Size of your roof
  • Shape of your roof
  • Slope of your roof
  • Current number of existing roof layers

If you would like a free estimate then Contact Tony Newman Roofing at (330)745-5076.

Q: Do you use staples or nails?

A: We never use staples. Building codes and manufacturers’ recommend using nails when installing shingle roofs. Additionally, we use nails for the base sheet on flat roof installations.

Q: My roof has only 1 layer on it. Can I lay over the existing shingles?

A: Yes, but it depends on the condition of your existing roof and whether it was properly  installed. If the existing layer was not laid straight or the shingles have begun to cup over time, then your new layer may be bumpy or uneven. In addition, not tearing off the existing layer makes it impossible to check the roof deck for heat damage, rot or loose decking. Damaged decking can prevent the wood from laying flat, which can shorten the life of your new roof. Therefore, adding another layer might not be the most cost effective decision in the long run.

Q: Are you insured?

A: Tony Newman Roofing carries enough liability insurance to earn Preferred Contractor status with Owens Corning. In addition, our workers are covered by Workers’ Compensation.

Q: Do all of your products pass ASTM ratings and local codes?

A: All of our suppliers, including Certanteed, Elk and Owens Corning adhere strictly to all code and durability ratings.

Q: Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau?

A: Tony Newman Roofing is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and carries an A+ rating. We encourage you to check the standing of any contractor you are considering.

Q: Should I worry about debris or rusty nails?

A: NO! Tony Newman Roofing thoroughly cleans the site after completion. To ensure your absolute safety, we pick up any debris that is not readily visible with magnetic rollers.