Roof Care Tips

Roof Maintenance You Can Do

We all know a new roof is a sizable investment. One way to protect that investment is doing ongoing roof maintenance. A lot of storm damage can be minimized if homeowners take long-term precautions with their roofs. Inspecting for leaks and repairing them timely can prevent costly damage to your home. Checking for loose, missing, or damaged shingles is a also good habit.  Additionally, checking your roof drainage system is important.

Summer is a good time to check your roof for shingle damage, leaks, and missing shingles. Avoid walking on your roof in cold weather since the shingles are brittle and can easily break. Check for loose or damaged shingles and seal around flashings, chimneys or vent pipes. Also inspect your drainage system for loose or clogged gutters and downspouts.

Watching for Ice Dams

Another important roof maintenance activity is checking for ice dams during winter. When ice forms on the edge of the roof it creates ice dams. This prevents melting snow from draining off the roof. Ultimately, this leads to leaks. Ice dams cause damage to shingles, siding, insulation and even walls. You can perform roof maintenance to prevent ice dams. Clear away excessive icicles. Clean out gutters and downspouts. Add a layer of attic insulation to reduce heat loss. Make sure your roof is properly ventilated. If this sounds like more work than you can do, call Tony Newman Roofing at (330) 745-5076.

Getting Professional Help

Finding problems early is the best roof maintenance you can do. It is possible to perform some repairs yourself, but climbing on a roof is not without risk. Calling a roofing contractor is one way to make sure the job is done right. You don’t want to make matters worse. Get a free estimate from Tony Newman Roofing. We’ve been serving the greater Akron area for 30+ years. Our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau means you can trust us.

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